URI Report on Urban Trends

Design for Documents

Long Documents Design
New GUI for Doozy Cards

Mobile-friendly Web Redesign

Responsive Web Redesign
Sustainable Energy System for Residential Application

Illustrating Sustainable Energy Systems

Explaining sustainable energy systems, with illustrations that show the various components of a self-sustaining energy system and how they work together.
November 7, 2018/by 1184design
Saving the PowerPoint theme you just created

How to: Create a Custom PowerPoint Template

How do you create a custom PowerPoint template that looks good, and helps your client create effective presentations?
February 5, 2018/by 1184design
Signage can show customer appreciation & promote loyalty

Designed to Sell

Signage That Makes Your Customer Feel Welcomed
Thales 80' x 40' Exhibit

Design for Big Spaces

20' or Larger
Cover of gate-fold brochure for transportation & logistics client.

Collateral: Joint Venture

Gatefold Brochure
Bold design helps a small booth have a big impact

Small Display, Big Impact

10' or Smaller
UX design for mobile app, example screens shown.

UX Design for App

Mobile App Design & Mobile First Websites
detail of real estate infographic

Infographics & Analytics

Use infographics in your social media to communicate a lot of information in a glance.
October 20, 2014/by 1184design
drum art design for Plastic Zombies band

Drum & T-shirt Art for Plastic Zombies

Much of our work is for businesses, and therefore ‘clean and…
September 24, 2014/by 1184design
fun illustration for memorial day

Happy Memorial Day!

My favorite canine hits the road, and more...apparently.

May 23, 2014/by 1184design
Window Seat - Illustration for Children's Book

Illo Competition

If you don't already know about 3x3 magazine, it's the go to…
March 1, 2014/by 1184design

Split Types: Avoiding Painful Breakups

Business breakups are unfortunate. Good business practices can help reduce the pain.
January 16, 2014/by 1184design
Interactive websites than engage visitors

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Webfonts Banish Bland Typography

(updated for 2018) The era of bland website typography is disappearing…
November 19, 2012/by 1184design
Book Cover & Illustrations

Book Cover Design

Just finished a fun project, a book cover design for author…
October 24, 2012/by 1184design

Infographics & Social Media

Use infographics in your social media to communicate a lot of information in a glance.
October 14, 2012/by 1184design

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