URI Report on Urban Trends

Design for Long Documents

Long Documents Design
New GUI for Doozy Cards

Mobile-friendly Web Redesign

Responsive Web Redesign
Sustainable Energy System for Residential Application

Illustrating Sustainable Energy Systems

Explaining sustainable energy systems, with illustrations that show the various components of a self-sustaining energy system and how they work together.
November 7, 2018/by 1184design

How to: Create a Custom PowerPoint Template

How do you create a custom PowerPoint template that looks good, and helps your client create effective presentations?
February 5, 2018/by 1184design
Display for Corporate Meetings

Designed to Sell

Welcoming Clients
Thales 80' x 40' Exhibit

Design for Big Spaces

20' or Larger
Cover of gate-fold brochure for transportation & logistics client.

Collateral: Joint Venture

Gatefold Brochure

Small Display, Big Impact

10' or Smaller
UX design for mobile app, example screens shown.

UX Design for App

Mobile App
detail of real estate infographic

Infographics & Analytics

Use infographics in your social media to communicate a lot of information in a glance.
October 20, 2014/by 1184design
drum art design for Plastic Zombies band

Drum & T-shirt Art for Plastic Zombies

Much of our work is for businesses, and therefore ‘clean and…
September 24, 2014/by 1184design
fun illustration for memorial day

Happy Memorial Day!

My favorite canine hits the road, and more...apparently.

May 23, 2014/by 1184design
Window Seat - Illustration for Children's Book

Illo Competition

If you don't already know about 3x3 magazine, it's the go to…
March 1, 2014/by 1184design

Split Types: Avoiding Painful Breakups

Business breakups are unfortunate. Good business practices can help reduce the pain.
January 16, 2014/by 1184design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Stylist’s Business Card

Fun & Function

Webfonts Banish Bland Typography

(updated for 2018) The era of bland website typography is disappearing…
November 19, 2012/by 1184design
Book Cover & Illustrations

Book Cover Design

Just finished a fun project, a book cover design for author…
October 24, 2012/by 1184design

Infographics & Social Media

Use infographics in your social media to communicate a lot of information in a glance.
October 14, 2012/by 1184design

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