How to: Social Media Image Templates

Social Media image sizes change all the time, and company pages don’t always use the same size as personal pages. How do you keep up with changing social media image sizes? We’ve got a handy Illustrator template for you to download and it’s totally free. You’re welcome!

The template type is current Illustrator version, but there’s nothing that should get lost if you’ve got an earlier version of Illustrator. Safe areas and areas that are likely to be hidden are included, plus artboards for your profile image or company logo. Note: the template includes Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn only, simply because these 3 social media channels are the main ones our client’s need. For LinkedIn, we are including image sizes for company pages. Personal pages use slightly different sizes and you can find image sizes info here.

Typefaces used are:

  • Proxima Nova (not free, but Adobe subscribers can download some weights included in the CC plan).
  • Acumin, also an Adobe font.

Each of the typefaces used is a sans serif but replace these with fonts of your choice, or replace with typeface(s) that fits your client’s brand.

Download the 2019 social media image template here

Need help with setting up a PowerPoint template? Click here for a How To.

Or, contact us to inquire about a creative project for your organization.

drum art design for Plastic Zombies band

Drum & T-shirt Art for Plastic Zombies

Much of our work is for businesses, and therefore ‘clean and corporate’ — but that just wouldn’t have fit the bill for this punk-influenced band local to Southern California. While the overall artwork did need to go with the turquoise finish of one of the band’s drums, there were no other rules: befitting the punk influence at the heart of their music, band members were fine with either amusing or offending potential audiences.

Check back soon: when available, we’ll plan to provide a link to their schedule, for those of you who are live music fans!

Illo Competition

If you don’t already know about 3×3 magazine, it’s the go to place for finding illustration resources online. Great stuff there!

Window Seat - Illustration for Children's Book
Each year, 3×3 publishes Illo, a collection of the best illustration for print. The book features a variety of categories of illustration — from advertising, to editorial, children’s, and conceptual. Recently, I was delighted to get an invitation to submit an illustration for the 2014 international competition. It will be awhile before I know whether my entry will be selected for publication in Illo, but I had lots of fun developing this one!

The original was done in Adobe Illustrator.

The organization holds numerous events, including portfolio reviews — provided you are located near their studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Visit the site:

Book Cover Design

Mooove Ahead! book cover design

Just finished a fun project, a book cover design for author Tony Wong. An illustration of a “corporate herd” wraps from front to back of the book cover design.

The topic is career development, and Tony dishes all that stuff they didn’t tell you in school! Chapters include tips on dealing with the “Boss from Hell”, specific advice to get ahead sooner, and much more.

Want to buy a copy? Soft cover, and e-book formats are available!
Visit the author’s website:

Got questions? Click the button and get in touch!

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